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KONO Meimon 2 Person Dripper Color

KONO Meimon 2 Person Dripper Color

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Thank you for your patience - we're finally bringing seven new colours of KONO Meimon drippers to our line-up. Our all-time favourite drippers are now available in vibrant colours to lift your mood!

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Vibrant KONO to brighten up your daily coffee scene.

Sweet and mellow coffee for your daily coffee break

The extraction speed is relatively slow compared to other single-hole drippers, so you can bring out rich flavours of coffee to its full potential.

Lower ribs are the key success

There are twelve ribs inside the dripper that extend from the bottom to the middle of the conical design. Absence of ribs at the top half keeps paper filter attached to the dripper, while the ribs on the lower half create air channels for smooth waterflow.

A selection of colours for you to choose from

These ingenious drippers come in seven colours. All seven drippers lined up side by side are cute and cheerful, bringing colour to your coffee scene. Grab them all if you can't pick just one!

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The most popular brand in Japan
Perfect for beginners and baristas alike


Size Length 15.0cm  

Width 10.5cm  

Height 11.5cm

Materials Acrylic resin

Total Weight: 2 cup

Filter: Kono 2 person/ V60-01size

Made in Japan

About Kono Coffee Syphon Company

Established in 1925. The founder of the company, Akira Kono produced the first coffee syphon after years of research. In 1973 his successor designed the cone shaped dripper, and the third president of the company went on to adapt this design for home use creating the “Drip Meijin”. Known not only for the quality of their coffee equipment but also for the excellence of their roasted beans, Kono Coffee Syphon Company is a name worth knowing, both in and out of Japan.