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CAFEC Abaca Coffee Paper Filter

CAFEC Abaca Coffee Paper Filter

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Smooth and durable paper filter to achieves the ultra-clean cup. "Abaca" or also known as "Manila Hemp" is known for its strength- 4 times stronger than wood pulp, but the fibre is twice as thin as conifer fibre.

This Abaca Coffee Paper Filter contains this miraculous fibre and achieves a silky smooth water flow and a great durability. What's also special about this is the texture- with their technology, Cafec paper filter has a textured surface of both sides.

Papers are usually pressed against a plate and flattened out when they are dried, but Sanyo Sangyo dries the paper filter in the air blasting with hot air from each sides, keeping the fiber and mesh free from getting ironed flat. This holds a good amount of air between the paper and the dripper, and achieves a wonderful water flow, dripping a very clean cup.