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Haru Kochi
Haru Kochi

Haru Kochi

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Sweet aroma, apple nectar, citrus, grape flavor, burnt brown sugar sweetness and accompanying aftertaste.

Country: Rwanda, Tanzania
Process: Washed, Natural
Variety: Bourbon, Kent
Flavor Notes: Apple nectar, Orange tea, Fermented grapes, Caramel

We have lavishly combined Rwanda and Tanzania—beans from two unique countries with different processes.

When you bite into an apple and taste honey in the center, won't that make you smile? This blend is exactly as described. The addition of the Tanzania beans gives the winey taste, a deep aroma reminiscent of orange tea and fermented grapes.

This blend evokes a fresh spring breeze.

Spring is a season that presents both a light and sunny feeling. As if your body and mind, which were weighed down by winter's heavy clothes, are all of a sudden light. We created this blend with the hope that you will take a deep breath this spring, spend some time relaxing and be yourself again.

It is gentle, but at the same time, it gives us the confidence to do our best in a new season!