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Brazil Inacio Urban [Medium roast]
Brazil Inacio Urban [Medium roast]

Brazil Inacio Urban [Medium roast]

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Sweet aroma, taste of fermented grapes, dried raisin and stone fruits, almond chocolate-like sweetness and accompanying aftertaste. Naturally low in caffeine.

Country: Brazil
Process: Natural
Region: Fazenda Rio Brilhante, Coromandel, Cerrado Miniero
Variety: Aramosa
Altitude: 950-1,100m
Flavor Notes: Fermented grapes, Dried raisin, Stone fruits, Almond Chocolate, Oatmeal cookie

"Aramosa variety is known for its low caffeine contents.

Most of the time, decaf coffee is made from regular caffeinated beans by artificial process of removing caffeine- Aramosa is, however, naturally grow with very little amount of caffeine.
You may find some decaf coffees having a particular "decaf" note depending on a process, but with this Aramosa, you can enjoy a most natural decaf coffee possible.

In the cup, you will find fruitiness like grape and raisins, with the sweetness typical of Brazilian coffee.“

- Head Roaster, Takuya