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Seasonal Blend Natsu Ake 2024 [Medium roast]

Seasonal Blend Natsu Ake 2024 [Medium roast]

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Sweet aroma like cacao, taste of orange, blackberry and red wine, chocolate-like sweetness and accompanying aftertaste.

Country: Tanzania, Brazil
Process: Natural/Washed
Region: Tanzania, Brazil
Variety: Brazil(Arara)、Tanzania(Kent)
Flavor Notes: Orange, Blackberry, Chocolate, Roasted nuts, Red wine

*Roasting start date: 25th June

There's nothing more summery than a glass of cold brew coffee, so we designed this seasonal blend to work perfectly for a long, low-temp brew.

The designing process of this blend was quite different- usually, for our seasonal blend, we tend to go heavy on washed coffee with a pinch of natural/fermented coffee to spice things up. For this blend, however, a natural process makes up 2/3 of the blend, and a washed coffee is added to balance things out. Roasting time is also a little longer to tame the natural side of the cup.

In this cup you will find ripen fruits, sweet chocolate, and a hint of whisky or rum like aroma in the aftertaste. Available only while the summer lasts- enjoy.

Takuya, Head roaster

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