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Public Cupping Session
Public Cupping Session

Public Cupping Session

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Cupping is an activity that a coffee company does to assess qualities within coffee.

How does it work?

Through tasting.
On the cupping table, a set of coffees (unlimited) will be presented, ground and then brewed according to the same parameters to assess any form of defects, positive and negative qualities.

Attendees will be cupping coffees with a scoring sheet, which helps them pen down flavours that may be obvious or vague in description.

Desirable outcome?
You would be able to tell what kind of coffees you have a preference for and this helps you decide on what kind of coffees suit you best.

Hopefully, this experience will offer you 
and opportunity to break out of one’s comfort zone and to explore new and exciting flavours that coffee has to offer.

Cupping sessions will be held on the last Sunday of the month.