Seasonal Blend: Haru Kochi [Medium roast] – Kurasu Singapore

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Seasonal Blend: Haru Kochi [Medium roast]

Seasonal Blend: Haru Kochi [Medium roast]

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Tastes of cherries, oranges, and red apples. Rich caramel-like sweetness with a long finish.

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Seasonal Blend: Haru Kochi (Medium Roast)

Country Indonesia, Rwanda
Process Washed
Flavor note Cherry, Orange, Red apple, Caramel
Barista's comment Tastes of cherries, oranges, and red apples. Rich caramel-like sweetness with a long finish.

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What's great about seasonal blend is that we get to pick the season's best. Just like how sweet and full of umami veggies and fruits are when they are in season, nothing beats the experience of enjoying a coffee best for each season. The long winter is coming to an end- to celebrate the season of warmth and blossoms, we made this cheerful and lighter textured blend. Personally, as it gets warmer then hotter, I start to struggle with heavy meal. Am I just ageing or is it the same for you? - yes, I thought it is.

How we roast this coffee

Mostly standard temperature progression throughout, although a little slower in fast half and a little quicker in the second. We heavily focused on the sweetness rather than the acidity & texture. Well-balanced cup caters for all.

Our Roasting Schedule
We roast all of our coffee in Kyoto, at our Nishijin Roastery, up to once a week onMonday or Sunday.
We then pack and ship the freshly roasted beans out as early as on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (please note that our fulfilment operation closes on weekends.). The roasting date on your coffee will be between 14 days prior to your order, and while we try our best to ship as younger roast as possible, we actually recommend you waiting at least 1 week after the roasting date to enjoy the fully developed flavor, so if you receive a very fresh roast please let the coffee rest for about a week and give it a try!
*Please note that any order made after 12pm on Saturday will likely to be fulfilled on the next week’s roasting day.