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Uraha Blend
Uraha Blend
Uraha Blend

Uraha Blend

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A high grade blended matcha powder suitable for "Ousu (a thin green tea drink served at tea ceremony)" and iced matcha drink.  The Uraha blend has a great balance of umami and bitterness, that provides everything you look for in matcha experience.
Uraha is also a perfect training material for whom learning Sado (ceremonial tea making) and also for someone who is looking for a higher grade matcha powder for baking.   
Classification: Suitable for thin tea
Origin: Kyoto
Picking method: 100% scissor-cut 
Variety: Goko, Komakage, Yabukita, Saemidori, Okumidori etc.
Season: First-grade (First pick)

No sugar added.
* 500g / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.