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Varia x Kurasu Kyoto FLO (Pre-Order)

Varia x Kurasu Kyoto FLO (Pre-Order)

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FLO: Flexible Liquid Output 

(All orders, including FLO, will ship in End - March 2024)

We are proud to announce a collaboration between our founder of Kurasu Kyoto, Yozo Otsuki, and Ramsey Gyde from Varia. 

The FLO is a study into the effects of flow dynamics in extraction. A patented design intricately created by Varia and refined by Kurasu, FLO utilizes a 2-part assembly with interchangeable flow screens which provides variations in flow rate, flow paths and contact time. 

Note: The FLO Dripper comes with a set of 3 FLO screens as standard and pictured (Fast, Medium, Slow) flow rates. 


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