A winter's delight in sunny Singapore: Fuyu Moe

December's winter ends, January's winter blooms.
Here in Singapore, the closest we can experience to winter are endless waves of torrential rain that occur during the monsoon season from early-December to late-February. In Kyoto, one can experience the blistering cold, occasional snow and frosty winds that can penetrate even the thickest layers of fabric. 
Fuyu Moe, or "Winter Bloom" is one of our 4 seasonal blends of the year, and it is my favourite one in particular. This is my third year tasting Fuyu Moe, and each one tastes better than the last. 
"Why a seasonal blend?", as one might ask, and the answer is very simple. As a Japanese brand, we honour and preserve the seasonalities with so much sentiment and significance that it feels almost exclusive to the timeline. As when the moment has passed, it is an entire year's wait for the same feeling.

This year, the same feeling of comfort is no different. What's truly unique is that this year's blend consists of 5 different origins of Brazil, Burundi, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda, a mix of both natural and washed processes to give you that profound complexity, vibrancy, comfort and respite you seek in a cup.
Each sip is generously coated with waves of fig and apricot on first taste, and as it lingers - this taste transcends into the rich sweetness of dried persimmon. The aroma of lavender florals will envelope your senses continuously to the very last drop of coffee.
This blend was put together meticulously by the roasting team, Takuya and Jong-min. Each component of the blend, carefully considered to draw out the distinct notes of each origin, and to encapsulate the warmth you need in the cold. And the efforts of these two have not only gifted me the nostalgia of Kyoto's winter, but it has also shown me the comfort that I seek in the monsoon months and in colder days. 
If you are reading this, I hope you come down to Kurasu Singapore and find the coffee that you seek, less of the one you need.


Kurasu Singapore

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