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Aeropress Basic Brew Guide by Kurasu Kyoto

Aeropress Basic Brew Guide   Brewing with Aeropress is a hybrid of brewing with an immersion dripper and filter brewing. What makes Aeropress special is that you can press the coffee which incorporates pressure into the brewing process. In this recipe, we will Kurasu's recipe for the inverted brewing method.  What you need:  Aeropress Coffee Maker Aeropress paper filter Coffee beans Coffee grinder Kettle Server Scale Aeropress Recipe:  Coffee: 14g Grind size: Medium-fine grind Hot water: 200g (91℃) Total brewing time: 1:25 - 1:30 Step by step:  Start by rinsing out the paper filter with hot water. Add coffee grounds to the inverted Aeropress chamber, before pouring 200g of hot water as quickly as you can in one go.  Stir 3...

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Basic Coffee Recipe by Kurasu Kyoto

This is our basic recipe for pour-over light roast coffee; A simple and easy read through and watch the brew guide to make your perfect cup of coffee at home! What you need: Light roast coffee Kettle Teaspoon Conical Dripper Conical paper filter Server Scale Kurasu Basic Recipe: Coffee: 14g Grind Size: Coarse Water Temperature: 91 deg celsius  Step by Step: 1st pour: 0:00, pour 40g 2nd pour: 0:40, pour 60g (Total: 100g) 3rd pour: 1:10, pour 50g (Total: 150g) 4th pour: 1:40, pour 50g (Total: 200g)   Tips: Spend 10 seconds on each pour. By pouring hot water in a fixed amount of time, your pour-over will be consistent throughout. Agitate after the first pour. Agitate with a teaspoon 2-3...

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Kurasu Hong Kong opens up!

Kurasu Hong Kong: A Step Towards the Future We are so excited to announce that Kurasu has laid down brick and mortar for the very first time in Hong Kong. Hong Kong presents a challenge for any cafe entering the region, with its highly dynamic and competitive market. But, with the support and encouragement of the Kurasu community in Hong Kong, we felt confident and excited about bringing Kurasu to the legendary city! This past week, our founder Yozo traveled to Hong Kong to celebrate the opening of the shop together with the staff, as well as all of our lovely visitors! Between a major press event with MIRA PLACE mall, Hong Kong cafe hopping, and even a chance to...

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Our Love Letter to Ethiopia Hamasho and Its Trader: Catalyst

By Aya Tanaka  Ethiopia Hamasho Coffee Cherry Co-fermentation holds a special place in our heart as this is the first coffee we purchased directly from an oversea green beans trader (Catalyst Trade.)  In this blog we’d like to share a bit about Catalyst Trade and why we fell in love with the coffee and the philosophy of this wonderful company.   How Catalyst Trade Started The story of Catalyst Trade started like a serene dawn of Ethiopia, in the quiet corner of Portland, Oregon.  The business established in 2018 built on a close partnership of Zelalem, Emily, and Michael- and their philosophy is that “coffee should be traded with respect and kindness.” They focus on trading coffee they grow in...

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