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NEW FLAGSHIP STORENestled in a complex between Waterloo Street and Queen Street, most people would think Leong Yeow Chicken Rice, Hakka YTF, and ATR when you mention Waterloo Centre. We're the new kids on the block. OUR STORYEarlier this year, we were toying with the idea of opening a flagship store. Having our first outlet at a co-working space (District6, The Company) was a great experience but now we wanted a place to call our own. So we started looking. After a bit of looking around, we found a spot to call home. Previously occupied by a ramen shop and bar, the space had a nice huge window that faced the street. We knew we found our home. Design processFiguring...

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Our Story

Our (My) Story by Yozo Otsuki It was May 2013 and I had just moved to Sydney, Australia. I had just quit my tenure working in investment bank Goldman Sachs Tokyo a few months back and searching for new opportunities. I had an opportunity to relocate to the Sydney which I jumped upon. Having experience in the field, I started searching for jobs in the finance industry again, but something did not feel right. Why waste this amazing fresh opportunity on something that I've already done and tired and I knew that wasn't going to make me happier? At the same time, being in a new country outside of Japan, I had the chance to see how people where appreciative of...

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