Matcha Experience in Singapore

Matcha Experience in Singapore
Being a specialty coffee shop is not the sum of all things that we do, and as an extension of Kyoto, we strive to uphold traditional aspects of the prefecture in Kurasu Singapore.
One of the more prominent items on our menu, and one that is well-loved by many, is our Matcha. Our matcha comes in collaboration with Yugen Tea, a Japanese tea brand established in Kyoto in 2018, with a focus on tea production in Kyoto and Uji. We use a single-origin variety known as Okumidori, therefore we serve Matcha in three forms:
1) Matcha Latte (Pre-sugared Matcha with frothed or cold milk)
2) Matcha Latte Espresso (Pre-sugared Matcha with a shot of espresso, with frothed or cold milk)
3) Ceremonial Matcha (Traditionally-whisked matcha with 'usucha' method, hot or over ice)
(in photo: Matcha Latte, Iced)
The intentions with the first 2 forms are fairly straight-forward. With the addition of sugar that has been manufactured into the powder mix, the sugar lends its weight to the matcha by cutting through the intensity and bitterness which some may not be too fond of; Hence highlighting the natural umami and taming the intensity, whilst allowing the nuances to be more pronounced when paired with dairy or alternative dairy. For this, we use a 1:1 powder to water ratio to prepare the mix into a concentrate which then allows us to prepare the intended beverages in a seamless and ideal manner.
The last form of matcha which is quintessential but not as prominently sought after, is the Ceremonial Matcha. It is an unsugared and non-dairy beverage, a refreshing umami burst with waves of nori, florals, bittersweet in its finish. It is mild, light yet buttery and creamy. For this, we employ the traditional method of 'usucha' which has a higher water to matcha ratio, and is traditionally whisked with a Japanese bamboo chasen
This form comes neat with no sugar, milk or additives to be added in to ensure the customer receives the full traditional matcha experience. This practice also ensures that the customer is able to taste the terroir and the natural flavours of the matcha in its fullest and most organic state.

We hope that our customers can enjoy all representations of our Matcha in our stores and we are looking forward to serving you.


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