Nestled in a complex between Waterloo Street and Queen Street, most people would think Leong Yeow Chicken Rice, Hakka YTF, and ATR when you mention Waterloo Centre.

We're the new kids on the block.


Earlier this year, we were toying with the idea of opening a flagship store. Having our first outlet at a co-working space (District6, The Company) was a great experience but now we wanted a place to call our own.
So we started looking.

After a bit of looking around, we found a spot to call home. Previously occupied by a ramen shop and bar, the space had a nice huge window that faced the street.

We knew we found our home.

Design process

Figuring out the design was a fun and amazing experience that we shared with the team from Japan. Takuma San from Everedge Design flew down to experience Singapore's growing coffee culture first hand.

After a few days, we decided we wanted to design a space built around conversations that matter and more importantly, making people feel at home. Warm lights, high ceilings, low seats,
these were things we knew we had to start from.

Then the virus hit.


But everything came together by mid September and before we knew it,
we were down to the final details.

Calm Technology & Design
by mui Lab, Inc.

Takuma San and Yozo San got connected with the awesome guys from mui Lab to hook us up with this awesome product that connects a space to a stunning piece of wood. You can display the date and time, the weather, receive messages, control your music and your lights, and the list goes on. Check them out at


It was surreal to see everything come together.
Was it worth all the pain? Yes.
Will we do it all over again? Yes.
Are we still the same people you feel in love with. Yes.

Your's sincerely.
Kurasu Singapore

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