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Cera Filter 001
Cera Filter 001
Cera Filter 001
Cera Filter 001
Cera Filter 001

Cera Filter 001

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Perfect for brewing 1-2 cups of delicious coffee

*This product does not come with a holder or tray. 

The newest Cera Filter is slim and compact enough to fit inside a Hario V60. Also compatible with an ORIGAMI dripper holder, it's perfect for casually brewing 1-2 cups of coffee.

Though it does not come with a holder of its own, it is compatible with an Origami Dripper holder or you can perhaps set it straight onto a server and start brewing right away!

No need for disposable filters, the ceramic filter itself can be used on its own repeatedly. The body of the filter is made of porous ceramic with countless holes of several microns in diameter, which produces a far-infrared effect and filtration capacity to remove impurities and chalky odours from the water. By filtering liquid through this fine mesh, which is invisible to the naked eye, miscellaneous taste is removed and makes your beverage more mellow. This is the same level of filtration as that found in a water purifier, so even tap water tastes better. It can be used not only for coffee but also for green tea, black tea and alcohol.

A true masterpiece produced almost entirely by hand in Arita, a small town in Kyushu. If you want a change to your daily coffee scene or want to cut down on paper filters, then this is the ultimate dripper you're after. 


Material: Ceramic
Size: φ70x6.5H
Made in Japan


Please note that immediately after extraction, the entire dripper body will be hot. Please handle with the holder.

With frequent care, this product can be used semi-permanently.

[Daily care]
Normally after use, when the coffee grounds and impurities clog up the filter, wash in water or hot water for more effect. 

Please avoid washing with detergent.
Please do not use a dishwasher.

1. Dispose coffee remains in the cera filter.
Turn the cera filter upside down and remove coffee from the filter. Do this as soon as possible because it becomes difficult to remove once the coffee dries out.

2. Washing with water
Wash the cera filter in water. Rinse thoroughly to ensure that no coffee grounds remain. Please do not scrub the cera filter with a brush or a metal brush, as this can damage the filter.

3. Hot water bath
Place the cera filter in hot water to remove the coffee oil. Removal is complete when no colour appears. When storing the cera filter, leave it to dry naturally before putting it away. This is to avoid mould developing.

[Maintenance once a year]

Place a net on the stove and put the filter on the net. Leave it on medium heat until no smoke is produced. Then turn off the heat, wait for it to cool down and wash it with water or hot water.
If you are using induction and do not have access to a fire, you can  boil the filter in a pan of water. You can also add baking soda (for cooking use) to help remove the oil.