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TORCH Coffee Server Pitchii

TORCH Coffee Server Pitchii

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Compatible with most brands of coffee dripper, including Torch, Hario, Kono and Kalita.

Material: Heat resistant glass, safe to 120 degrees C
Size: W10.5 x D7.5 x H12 cm (including handle)
Weight: 265g (Shipping weight 400g)
Capacity: 600ml
Designed in Japan, handmade in China

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    Elegant and minimalistic, introducing Pitchii

    Prepare a flawless filter coffee for friends or guests with this beautiful, artisan-crafted, glass server.

    This refined and practical coffee-making accessory is the perfect partner for our Torch Donut Dripper, as well as most other major dripper brands like Hario, Kono and Kalita. Each server is hand-made from special, heat resistant glass.

    The full capacity is 600ml, which is about four coffee cups. Though the measures aren’t marked on the glass it’s actually quite easy to judge the number of cups with a little practice.

    This stylish server is produced by Torch located in the prefecture of Gunma, Japan.