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Rwanda Ruli Honey [Light Roast]

Rwanda Ruli Honey [Light Roast]

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Sweet aroma, taste of baked apple, mandarin orange and raisin, brown sugar-like thick sweetness and accompanying aftertaste.

Country: Rwanda
Process: Honey
Region: Dukunde kawa, Musasa, Gakenke
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1,800-2,100m
Flavor Notes: Baked apple, Mandarin orange, Raisin, Jasmine tea, Brown sugar

We’ve got a beautiful Rwanda from our favorite importer, Green Pastures this year too.

(Green Pastures is an importer who purchases and imports Rwandan coffee in cooperation with ONIBUS COFFEE in Tokyo.)

We were initially looking to purchase the Kamajumba we loved last year, but unfortunately this year's crop was not to the desirable standard so had to be passed.

This honey processed coffee from Dukunde Kawa Estate was one of the offers we received in the summer of 2023-  Rwandan coffee usually reaches us in early spring, so it has become more like a seasonal joy.

Rwanda is a small country in land size, so the flavors of crops harvested across the country tend to be similar compared to other larger countries. That contributes to the popular Rwandan characteristics- and with this one, you will find the typical brightness and clean cup as well as an enhanced and layered sweetness.

A perfect cup for a relaxing spring-early summer time.

Takuya, Head roaster

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