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TORCH Donut Dripper

TORCH Donut Dripper

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Makes up to 4 cups of beautifully smooth filtered coffee
Can use fan shaped paper filters such as Melita 103 or Kalita <#103
Porcelain dripper with white ash wood base.

Material: Porcelain and white ash
Dishwasher safe (Only the porcelain)
Size: W9 x D9.5 x H16 cm
Base: Diameter 11 x Height 1 cm 
Weight: 235g (Shipping weight 350g)
Capacity: 0.7L
Made in Japan

Folding the paper filter:

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Perfectly layered and shaped to extract filtered coffee

Release the full flavour of your favourite ground coffee with this elegantly crafted, Donut Dripper from Torch.

The dripper’s slim, stylish form allows the coffee to be perfectly layered and shaped to extract the best possible flavour. The finely-crafted, porcelain dripper features special internal ribs which guide the flow of water through the coffee grains.The large outlet hole ensures the optimum rate of flow for consistently smooth, full-flavoured, fresh-tasting coffee.

Each Torch dripper set features an exquisite, black or white, Japanese Mino Yaki style porcelain dripper with an untreated, white ash base. Over time the attractive wooden base gains additional character from the natural patterns and staining of regular use.

Use commercial fan shaped paper filters Melita 103 or Kalita #103

Handling tips

This product uses natural wood, and the appearance and texture of the wood may vary depending on the part and finish of the wood. We appreciate your understanding.

*If you wish to clean after using the item, please wash it gently with a soft sponge. Do not leave it soaked in water or hot water. Do not wash with a scrubbing brush, hard object, cleanser, etc. as it may cause scratches. After the wash, please wipe with a soft dry cloth, dry well before storing. Please also read through the instruction manuals for other information.

Customer Questions

Q: What's the different between the Donut Dripper and the Mountain Dripper?

A: Donut dripper takes up to 4 cups and created for dark roasted beans which is the main trend in Japanese coffee beans. It has more h\eight than that Mountain so more beans hit the coffee grounds, giving the coffee a more heavy taste balance, which again works very well with dark roasted beans.

The Mountain Dripper takes up to 2 cups created with the Donut in mind but designed more for Third wave / Western coffee bean culture with hints of acidity and fruitiness. Overall it drips slightly faster than the Donut and produces a more "clean" taste pallet great for light-medium roasted beans. 

Q: How does the dripper align with the wooden base? Does it have ridges for the dripper to be stable?

A: The porcelain dripper just sits lightly on top of the wooden base. It does not have any ridges. Since the wooden base and ceramic drippers are each individually hand made, they are not "perfectly" constructed and you may need to find the "right spot" for the dripper to sit on the base. Personally, our team at Kurasu usually don't have any issues of the dripper titling for example, while extracting coffee.