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El Salvador Don Jaime (Medium-Light Roast)

El Salvador Don Jaime (Medium-Light Roast)

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Floral aroma, taste of plum, berry and orange wine, lingering violet flower aroma and fermented sweetness.

Country: El Salvador
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Region: Finca Don Jaime, San Ignacio, Chalatenango
Variety: Pacas
Altitude: 1400-1500m
Flavor Notes: Floral, Ume, Cherry, Hot wine, Mixed berries compote

One of Jaime-san's passions is trying out new processes. Last year he tried combining a light fermentation and classic variety of coffee: Pacas is a mutant of the Bourbon variety discovered in El Salvador, and is indigenous to the country with a long history.

The combination of this traditional variety and Jaime san's refining technique results in a cup with a rich flavor, complexity, and sweetness.

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