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El Salvador Ever Diaz [Light roast]

El Salvador Ever Diaz [Light roast]

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A floral aroma, complex flavors of orange, Japanese pear, and dried figs, a rich sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar, and a long aftertaste.

Semi-washed Pacamara was Ever-san's signature- their coffee processed in their small fermentation tank has a unique, refreshing and flamboyant flavor atypical of El Savador coffee, and it was so special that the local coffee people call that entire category of flavor similar to that "Ever-san's flavor."

Their CoE prize-winning produce last year was also the semi-washed Pacamara.

Country: El Salvador
Process: Semi Washed
Region: Finca Mileydi, Charatenango, El Tunel
Variety: Pacamara
Altitude: 1300-1400m
Flavor Notes:Floral, Orange, Japanese pear, Dried fig, Darjeeling, Japanese herb, Brown sugar
Importer: COYOTE

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