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Hario Hand Coffee Grinder Ceramic Slim

Hario Hand Coffee Grinder Ceramic Slim

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While this neat, Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim grinder is ideal for a barista on the move, it also packs a punchy grind as an everyday mill in the kitchen.

Hario branding is a reliable mark of quality, and this slim hand grinder certainly delivers top-class results. The unit features a simple, ‘twist and click’ grind adjustment along with conical ceramic burrs. This mill is a dream to use, delivering a wide range of coffee grinds which are suitable for everything from French press brewing to a fine, drip cone pour.

The low price tag makes this coffee mill perfect for a barista on a budget!


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Long, removable handle for effortless grinding
Removable hopper with lid for easy access
Twist and click grind setting for consistent results
Sprung, conical ceramic burrs for the optimum grind
Transparent flask holds 24 grams of ground coffee
Plastic lid, hopper and flask make the grinder ideal for travel



Materials: Mixed
Burrs: Conical ceramic (sprung)
Grind Setting: Adjustable
Capacity: 24g
Weight: 0.5lbs (around 227g)
Size: W150 (with handle) x D72 x H220 mm
Made in China in Hario's exclusive factory