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Hario Immersion Dripper Switch

Hario Immersion Dripper Switch

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Just wait and push to get a perfect cup.
The ultimate fail-proof dripper by Hario

V60 is all about creativity and freedom of brewing control, which makes this legendary dripper wonderfully exciting and charmingly challenging at the same time. But isn't it nice to have something different time to time? Especially when you are busy but can't give up a good cup? A big YES! 

This immersion dripper introduced by Hario is super easy to use, fail-proof dripper that gives you a perfectly brewed cup- all you have to do is pour and wait. 

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Delicious coffee ready in a single push

Set coffee grounds and hot water inside the dripper. A stainless ball on the bottom of the dripper blocks the water from dripping. After 2 minutes, push down the switch to lift the ball, and your beautiful coffee is ready to go! 

*coffee: water 20g:240ml to produce 200ml of coffee (200 size)

coffee: water 36g:440ml to produce 360ml of coffee (360 size)

Coffee or tea, both turn out delicious

If you want a change from coffee, then try replacing it with green tea. Combined with Eco Filter Dunk or KINTO slow drip metal filter (for Switch 200 size only), the filter brings out the aroma and umami of the tea with great depth and complexity. 

All parts washable, great for daily use

The dripper can be taken apart and all parts are washable. You can enjoy your coffee with a fresh dripper every day! 


Easy to use dripper that makes a great cup of coffee with one push

Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs

Makes 200 ml/360ml of coffee

Comes with a brewing guide and user manual


Size: 200 size (Filter size 02 and Eco Filter Dunk) / 360 size (Filter size 03)


Glass bowl: Heat resistant glass

Base: Silicone rubber

Switch: PCT resin

Stainless ball: 13mm Stainless steel

Made in Japan

Not suitable for use in microwave

All parts can be removed for cleaning. When re-assembling, please read the instruction thoroughly to ensure that all parts are set up properly.

Wash with soft sponge and neutral detergent.

Can be used with washing machine. Follow the instruction manual of your home washing machine for safe use.

Handle with care as the switch is very delicate. The switch part is not available for sale on its own.