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Hario V60 Dripper 01 Plastic Clear

Hario V60 Dripper 01 Plastic Clear

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With its swirling ridges and startling looks, the Hario V60, Plastic Coffee Dripper is a staple to any filter kit. The plastic filter cone of the V60 highlights the flavor-enhancing ribbing and aesthetic elegance of Hario’s exquisite, hand-pour coffee dripper.

Conceived and crafted in Japan, the V60 has become a ‘go to’ dripper design for leading baristas in many of the world’s most popular pour-over coffee shops. 


The spiral ribs of the Hario V60 are designed to extract the most subtle hints of flavor. The ridges also form insulating air channels which help to maintain an even brewing temperature within the filter. The single hole at the bottom of the cone allows the character of the brew to be finely tuned by the speed of the pour.
This ‘01’ size coffee dripper can fill 1 to 2 cups with deliciously brewed, aromatic coffee.​


Beautiful plastic dripper

Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs

Makes up to 2 cups of pour-over, filter coffee

Achieves professional standards of flavor control

Delivered with a manual and measuring spoon


Material: Plastic 

Not suitable for use in microwave

Can be cleaned in a dishwasher

Uses special Hario filters

Made in Japan

Hario V60 Dripper 01 Ceramic Red Dripper Hario

How to Brew with Hario V60

What you need:

Pour over cone, Paper filter (rinse before use), Burr blade grinder, Pouring kettle, Digital scales, Server, Stopwatch.

12g Grind Coffee (Around EK43: 7 Fine-medium grind)

Water temperature: 92-96 degrees

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