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Kalita Wave Glass Server G 500

Kalita Wave Glass Server G 500

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The Kalita Wave heat resistant glass servers come in 2 sizes - 300ml and 500ml and fits perfectly with the Kalita Wave Dripper as well as other major stand alone drippers including Hario V60, Kono and Torch.

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Perfect with the Kalita Wave Drippers

Compatible with other stand alone drippers including brands from Hario, Kono, and Torch

Compatible with dishwasher and microwave


Material: Main body / heat-resistant glass, lid / polypropylene

Capacity: 300ml / 500ml

Size 300: Diameter of opening 85mm / Diameter of bottom 105mm / Height 96mm

Size 500: Diameter of opening 125mm / Diameter of bottom 85mm / Height 112mm

Weight: 175g / 227g

Glass: Made in Thailand / Lid: Made in Japan

How to Brew with Kalita Wave

What you need

Kalita Wave dripper
Kalita Wave paper filter (Rinse before use)
Burr blade griner
Pouring kettle
Digital scale
Stop watch
15G Grind coffee ( Around EK43 : 7.5 Course- medium grind )
Water Temperature : 90 - 93 degrees

>>Lean more about the recipe