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KINTO Mini Pour over Kettle

KINTO Mini Pour over Kettle

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A sleek and minimalistic mini kettle that is perfect for your daily coffee needs. Made from high-quality stainless steel with two finishes available. The silver kettle can be used to boil water with direct flames, while the black kettle is made with a powder coating that will help prevent scratches. 

The handle is carefully crafted to a thickness and curve that will allow for a comfortable grip. While the spout is narrow with a soft curve which provides a precise and controlled pour. 

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Size: W178 × D90 × H90 mm, Φ67 (430ml)

Material: Silver color (18-8 stainless steel), black color (18-8 stainless steel and powder coating)

Weight: approx. 10g

Feature: KINTO logo on the bottom 


Silver color is suitable for:
・Suitable for direct flame
・Suitable for dishwasher
・Not suitable for microwave
・Not suitable for induction heat

Discoloration may occur if used with a direct flame. Refrain from heating up the kettle with water filled up to the rim. Do not handle the kettle with bare hands if the kettle is heated.

Black color is suitable for:
・Suitable for dishwasher
・Not suitable for direct flame
・Not suitable for microwave

Handling tips:
To prevent rust, be sure to wash and dry immediately after use. Refrain cleaning with abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Please store away from other metals.