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Nankei Kyusu Tea pot “Teppatsu”

Nankei Kyusu Tea pot “Teppatsu”

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By not applying glaze on the inside, the surface of the teapot is uneven, which moderates the astringency, making the tea tastes milder and more mellow. 

As the teapot is used the surface of the teapot's color will slowly deepen overtime. The built in hand crafter strainers are at the base of the spout which works as a strainer. Fine tea leaves/powders can pass through, the adding traditionally textured mouthfeel to the cup. If you would like a clearer cup, pour the tea through another strainer before serving serve.

The matte black "Kuro-neri" is made with a clay rich in iron, and the non-glazed baking encourages the iron contents to show its beautiful, dark color- it is also suitable for daily use as the dark color helps tea stains to be less visible.

The white beige "Shiro-neri" is made with a clay Haku-dei(white mud) that was widely popular in the Taisho era, to recreate the classic beauty. The gentle and mild color complements your table at any time of the day.

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