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SIMPLIFY the brewer

SIMPLIFY the brewer

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Just pour for 30 seconds! A new dripper for easy and delicious coffee making 

Designed by Japanese coffee equipment experts, this dripper makes it easy to make great coffee. Stirring? Is it really necessary? Hand dripping, which involves a lot of movements, is more difficult for everyone and can lead to inconsistent coffee flavor.

With SIMPLIFY the Brewer, unnecessary movements are unnecessary due to its design that thoroughly improves extraction efficiency.

All you need to do is to keep pouring hot water into the center of the coffee to create a delicious coffee with optimal density. It is very simple and saves you time and effort.

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Capacity: For 1 to 2 cups
Weight: Approx. 50g
Material: TROGAMID® CX (BPA-free nylon)
Color: Transparent
Heat resistance: 100°C
Made in Japan


  1. Set a paper filter in SIMPLIFY the Brewer, and rinse the filter (optional).
  2. Pour water into the centre of 15g fine ground coffee (No circular motion!).
  3. When you pour 230g of water for 30 seconds, stop it.
  4. Wait for 60 to 90 seconds until all the water drops from the brewer.
  5. Serve and enjoy! No more tedious pouring, stirring, etc.
    *Kalita Wave Paper Filter #185 required. check this page

About Bathtub Coffee

Established in 2018 to import and sell coffee equipment in Japan. With a mission to provide opportunities and possibilities for many baristas, they are an authorized importer and distributor of WPM, Pullman, Niche Zero, VST, and many other brands of equipment, as well as an importer of coffee beans and workshops, From 2020, the company will start developing its own original equipment to brew the best coffee while keeping it simple, based on the philosophy of "Be Simple, Brew Perfect." This SIMPLIFY the Brewer is the first step.

After countless design ideas and prototypes, Mr. Ito, the president of BATHTUB COFFEE, has created a dripper with an unprecedented shape and extraction method.