Winter Blend: Fuyu Moe 2023 – Kurasu Singapore
Winter Blend: Fuyu Moe 2023

Winter Blend: Fuyu Moe 2023

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Floral aroma, taste of crimson glory vine, fig and apricot, rich sweetness like dried kaki persimmon with lasting aftertaste.

Country: Brazil, Burundi, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda
Process: Washed, Natural
Flavour Notes: Floral, Crimson glory vine, Fig, Apricot, Dried kaki persimmon

"In South Korea, where I come from, there is a custom of eating frozen persimmon called 홍시 ("Hongsi", meaning red ripe persimmon). I've heard that Yamagata in Japan has a similar custom of drying the fruits, and they call them "Beni gaki", also means red persimmon. Beni gaki is categorized as astringent type- either dried or frozen, people have figured out a way to appreciate their autumn harvest and prep for the winter with nothing to waste.

The astringent, inedible fruits gradually turn into moist and sweet delicacy, and bring people joy in cold winter time. The century long practice of preparing and appreciating the year's harvest in winter is what inspired us to design this winter blend.

With what we enjoyed and learnt throughout the year combined, we have created something much more than a collection of 2023 catalogue. A blend built on our philosophy- It turned out really delicious and we hope you enjoy it too. "

Jongmin, Roasting Team